Side Saddle

With Coloured Cob

Booking Side Saddle

Why not come and try the historical equestrian pursuit of riding aside or side saddle on one of our specially trained horses.

Come and revel in the elegance and ride like our forefathers in a 30 minute one to one lesson with a qualified instructor.

Learn with Coloured Cob

Coloured Cob are one of the few equestrian centres still offering side saddle lessons and activities. We are proud to still embrace this lost equestrian art and encourage all horse fans to give it a go.

If you are interested in learning, or just looking to try something new. Then give the coloured cob team a call and we can arrange a lesson.

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    Tom rides here in our disabled sessions, and due to having autism, he was told he would never have the balance to ride a bike… he is now trotting without a leader which makes everybody here at Coloured Cob extremely happy! 😊