Horse & Carriage

Come and enjoy a relaxing carriage riding experience with Coloured Cob, either learn to drive yourself, or just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Horse & carriage experience

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  • Enjoy the challenge of carriage driving with our range of horses and our 2 wheeled carriage or 4 wheeled rural wagonette
  • You will spend the morning or afternoon at Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre
  • Groom and learn how to harness your driving horse
  • Enjoy a ‘driving’ lesson in the paddock
  • Learn how to remove the harness
  • Finish the experience with a picturesque drive through the beauty spot of Creswell Crags and enjoy the tranquillity of the limestone gorge
  • Come and enjoy a carriage ride through the archaeological beauty spot of Creswell Crags
  • Revel in the wonders of this totally unique experience riding through the limestone gorge dating back to the Ice Age
  • Relax and enjoy our optional prosecco hamper option (Additional charge)
  • The whole carriage ride experience lasts around 45 minutes
  • Prices start from £20 per person

Horse & carriage ride

Read through the details to the left

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    Tom rides here in our disabled sessions, and due to having autism, he was told he would never have the balance to ride a bike… he is now trotting without a leader which makes everybody here at Coloured Cob extremely happy! 😊