Nottinghamshire Disabled Pony Riding

At Coloured Cob in Creswell Crags, Derbyshire

Coloured Cob in Derbyshire provide a fun range of equestrian activities and disabled pony riding lessons suitable for riders with a disability, special, or additional needs, who can enjoy horse riding lessons, pony trekking, and carriage driving. We have lots of clients with a wide-range of additional needs, we have lots of school groups, individual children and adults, who enjoy the benefits of horse riding and stable management at Coloured Cob EC.  We have disabled toilets, a hoist to aid with mounting a horse, a high mounting block, and wheelchair accessible carriage. If you do have any questions, please do call our team and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Inclusive Riding For Everyone…

Riding with Coloured Cob allows for the opportunity to spend time with all of our kind natured, beautiful horses Our riding sessions can be enjoyed on an one to one or group basis. We have over 50 horses ranging from 10.2hh – 17hh that are able to carry riders who have additional needs.

  • Can help correct asymmetrical spinal postures
  • Stimulates improved balance
  • Stimulates bilateral muscle
  • Mobilises joints
  • Improves body awareness
  • Multi sensory, so there will be new smells, sounds, sights, touch, ie the pony’s fur and warmth
  • May help with digestion

Disabled pony riding benefits

There are a number of health benefits that come from spending time with and riding a horse or pony, additionally, it’s therapeutic and educational too.

  • It’s lots of FUN!
  • It’s a social activity which helps to increase confidence and therefore an opportunity to make friends and build a relationship with the horse or pony
  • Improves attention
  • Helps to improve sitting position
  • Learn basic riding skills
  • Encourage riders to develop riding skills

Disabled pony riding prices

30 mins riding (joint riding)

£17.00 per person

30 minutes pony trekking

£20.00 per person

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Register and book online today for disabled pony riding lessons in Nottinghamshire. Please make new and routine enquiries and bookings to our office number on 01909 725251 9am to 8pm.

We are busy outdoors most days, so you may need to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can. Leave your phone number very slowly and clearly.

You can also make an initial booking request using the form here.  NB. If your preferred date and time is not available, we will contact you with an alternative. We have an active Facebook page with lots to see.

For more information regarding disabled pony riding in Nottinghamshire, please Contact Coloured Cob.


Pony Riding Reviews

About the Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre

From Sharon…

It was my aim to open a riding school & equestrian centre where compassion and customer service were high on the business agenda. Coloured Cob prides itself on listening to the needs of clients, but also to the needs of the horses. The centre is also steeped in history and the stables and accommodation date back to 1610. Situated on bridleways immediately adjacent to the archaeological beauty spot of Creswell Crags, meaning we are blessed with a beautiful countryside setting.

Riders are taught by highly qualified equestrian coaches, who not only have the experience and qualifications to teach the correct aids during your lesson, but also to coach you towards building your confidence, working to goals within your comfort zone and ensuring the health and safety of not only yourself but our horses is absolutely paramount.