Disabled Riders

Come and enjoy our riding sessions for adults and children with disabilities

Why choose to ride?
Therapeutic riding can be very beneficial to may disabled riders with a wide range of disabilities for the following reasons…

- It’s lots of FUN
- It’s a social activity which helps to increase confidence and therefore an opportunity to make friends and build a relationship with the horse or pony
- Improves attention
- Helps to improve sitting position
- Learn basic riding skills
- Encourage riders to develop skills, ie reaching for objects or pony’s ears
- Can help correct asymmetrical spinal postures
- Stimulates improved balance
- Stimulates bilateral muscle
- Mobilises joints
- Improves body awareness
- Multi sensory, so there will be new smells, sounds, sights, touch, ie the pony’s fur and warmth
- May help with digestion
- Can improve breathing pattern

£13 for a joint 30min lesson
£20 for an individual private lesson
£25 for an hour mixed lesson and grooming

Case Study: Tom
Tom rides here in our disabled sessions, and due to having autism, he was told he would never have the balance to ride a bike… he is now trotting without a leader which makes everybody here at Coloured Cob extremely happy!